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  • Unknown author (2010-08-30)
    6th Enavi. Conference. September. #126: Sam Kamaleson and interpreter. #127: Sam Kamaleson speaking.
  • Martyn, Steve (2009-06-22)
    This is a video by Steve Martyn for IS502.
  • Martyn, Steve (2009-06-22)
    This is a video for IS502 by Steve Martyn.
  • Martyn, Steve (2009-06-22)
    This is a video by Steve Martyn for IS502.
  • Unknown author (2010-05-20)
    Photograph at A'sad Station, including E. Stanley Jones. From Calvin Master, 2102 Christian Hill, Raikhad, Ahmedabad.1. Not dated.
  • Unknown author (2010-01-13)
    A. P. McDonald and E. Stanley Jones standing outside in Georgetown, Texas, November 28, 1942.
  • Unknown author (2010-01-04)
    Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota, Z. T. Johnson, Jr., Charles Crouse, J. C. McPheeters, Daniel Crouse
  • Unknown author (2009-09-04)
    Hollis Abbott, World Gospel Mission missionary. Not dated. Copyright: World Gospel Mission.
  • Unknown author (2009-08-06)
    Christian Holiness Association President J. D. Abbott awarding Holiness Exponent of the Year Award to Richard and Willard Taylor for their 1977 book, April 18-20, 1978. St. Louis Convention.
  • Unknown author (2009-08-06)
    J. D. Abbott, General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church (no date).
  • Unknown author (2009-08-06)
    J. D. Abbott gives 1977 Holiness Exponent of the year award to Bishop Henry Ginder, April, 1977. Mrs Henry Ginder (the Bishop's wife) watches as Abbott gives plaque to Ginder.
  • Unknown author (2009-09-10)
    Abbotts' worldwide schedule. Unknown year.
  • Witherington, Ben (2009-11-04)
    Tomb of Absalom (Hebrew: יד אבשלום‎, Transl. Yad Avshalom; literally Absalom's Shrine) is an ancient monument with a conical roof located in the Kidron Valley in Jerusalem, Israel. from wiki It has traditionally been ...
  • Roller, Amy (2009-07-02)
    This is a photo of acorns by Amy Roller.
  • Witherington, Ben (2009-08-19)
    Acrocorinth (Greek: Ακροκόρινθος), "Upper Corinth", the acropolis of ancient Corinth, is a monolithic rock overseeing the ancient city of Corinth, Greece. "It is the most impressive of the acropoleis of mainland Greece," ...
  • Witherington, Ben (2009-08-14)
    This is a photo by Ben Witherington of Acrocorinth in Corinth.
  • Witherington, Ben (2009-08-28)
    Acropolis (Gr. akros, akron, edge, extremity + polis, city, pl. acropoleis) literally means city on the edge (or extremity). In Greek, Acropolis means "Highest City". For purposes of defense, early settlers naturally chose ...
  • Witherington, Ben (2009-06-24)
    This is a photo of the Acropolis located in Athens. This photo was taken by Ben Witherington.
  • Rowland, A. (1932)
    Photographs from a Photo Album of February, 1932, prepared “With Love and Best Wishes” for E. E. Shelhamer by the Rowlands (33 Belle Ombre Road, Cape Town, South Africa): Adderly Street, downtown Cape Town
  • Unknown author (2010-08-30)
    033: Adela Kamaleson talking to Dr. Koki Thomas (or Kogi?), Vice President of UCLA (who is an American Indian). Meeting in California or Oklahoma. CHIEF group. 034: Dr. Koki Thomas, Vice President of UCLA talking to Tom ...

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