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  • Koch, Ruth (2010-12-13)
    Too often we overlook the needs of our spouses as we care for the needs of our flock.
  • Miles, Al (2010-12-13)
    One-quarter of the women in the Unites States will be abused by an intimate. A loving and sensitive response for us can make a difference to a survivor as she struggles with the process of healing. Clergy can be more active ...
  • Chapman, Patricia (2010-12-15)
    From Christian Educator's Handbook on Adult Education. This book chapter focuses on single adults and single parents facing the challenge of balancing life as it relates to individual, family, career and spiritual development ...
  • Easum, William (2010-12-13)
    Easum stresses that smallness is not bad, or to be looked down upon. In fact, we must remind ourselves "that every large church was once a small church." However, Easum allows a church the right to remain small; but he ...
  • Thompson, Richard A, (2010-12-13)
    In Dieter T. Hessel's Preface to his book Social Ministry, he states: All church members share one common ministry, which is social in all of its aspects. Thus there is no question as to whether the church will be involved ...
  • Niles, Lori (2010-12-14)
    This article highlights 5 categories of software that may be professionally relevant to ministers.
  • Jones, W. Paul (2010-12-13)
    What is emerging as a fundamental need in every major denomination today is a "new spirituality," one that entails a radical alternative in the face of the U. S. A. lifestyle of competition, materialism, and individualism. ...
  • Davidson, Robert G. (2010-12-15)
    Program planning is the first vital step toward the success of any youth program. Both you, as the facilitator, and the youth participants need to know where you are going as a group.
  • Langford, Sally; Langford, Andy (2010-12-13)
    However, Sally and Andy Langford issue a compelling call to extend that thoughtfulness and effort to include other dimensions of our worship. Their invitation is not to do something in addition to our message preparation, ...
  • Miles, John P. (2010-12-13)
    While controversy will be unavoidable, they pastors should guard against controversy becoming a Sunday Morning blast of Thunder.
  • Gangel, Kenneth (2010-12-13)
    A chapter from Dr Gangel's text on Christian Education published in 1989. It provides a baseline for our thinking about the church and its mission. It will give us opportunity for personal evaluation and critical thinking ...
  • Gunsalus, Russ (2010-12-13)
    With the exploding proliferation of the Internet with all its functions, the church must learn to use these assets for ministry.
  • Pearson, John; Kenneson, Philip (2010-11-22)
    How far should you go to market your church? Should you market it at all? Two experts with opposing views encourage you to consider your options.
  • Hunter, George III (2010-11-22)
    Shepherds don't make sheep. Sheep make sheep. Most people are far more reachable by lay Christians; but most lay Christians leave it to the pastor.
  • Asare, Seth O. (2010-11-22)
    Communicating the Gospel in contemporary culture required creativity and innovation. Breaking some taboos with respect to worship, liturgy, and appropriate technology will allow people outside the traditional church hear ...
  • Jaynes, Sharon (2010-12-16)
    When unhealthy competition is staring at us in the mirror, we need to ask a few tough questions.
  • Hawthorne, Roger (2010-12-13)
    Making good use of church newsletters
  • Dunnam, Maxie (2010-12-13)
    While Jesus' life, ministry, teaching, death and resurrection is a call to love and compassion Maxie Dunnam discusses compassion fatigue as an obstacle to preserving that call.
  • McBay, Shug Yagel (2010-12-13)
    In considering the issues of what is referred to as "unexpected outcomes" of the birth experience, we find ourselves entwined not only in the obvious pain and grief of the parents, but the labyrinth of medical ethics and ...
  • Spain, Sydney (2010-12-14)
    Basically Spain covers two topics -- What to do prior to the move, and beginning your new ministry. This is a how-to approach from a man who has served several pastorates. Laying the groundwork for a long and fruitful ...

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