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  • Galloway, Dale (2010-12-16)
    Leadership Development course developed by Dale Galloway for Asbury Online Institute. CEU option is no longer available.
  • Kallsted, Walter (2010-11-22)
    Dr. Walt Kallsted discusses values shaped leadship in this Beeson Institute series Church for the Unchurched from October 2000.
  • Kallsted, Walter (2010-12-03)
    Walt Kallsted presents this leadership seminar as part of Church for the Unchurched of Beeson Institute October 2000.
  • Breaux, Michael (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Breaux looks at major change within the church. How to promote health through trying times in this Beeson Institute 2001 seminar.
  • Willimon, William (2010-12-13)
    A light-hearted, funny letter to the bishop!
  • Leggett, Jim; Werlein, Ken (2010-12-13)
    Werlein and Leggett discuss prayer as the essential foundation in the building blocks of a sucessful church.
  • Walls, Jerry (2010-12-13)
    Walls outlines theodicy—God and justice—from three positions, i.e. free will, free choice and the cost of freedom. These positions bring an individual to a crossroads. Suffering and tragedy are part of life and everyone ...
  • Miller, Calvin (2010-11-22)
    Dr. Calvin Miller presents this seminar on preaching and worship and current trends in communication.
  • Pearson, John; Kelly, Bob (2010-12-14)
    Ministerial compensation is often a difficult issue to discuss if it is discussed at all and unfortunately, as the authors point out, there is no web site you can go to get a perfect annual salary schedule prepared. It is, ...
  • Wheeler, Sondra Ely (2010-12-13)
    Crisis is never anticipated by the patient, the family, or the pastor. Families in the midst of turmoil seek the minister as a source of counsel and security.
  • Whitlock, Rod (2010-12-16)
    The author relates how his DS in Nebraska mentored young people called to ministry. First, he wanted every student called to full-time ministry to receive encouragement and a prayer of blessing from the previous generation ...
  • Busby, Daniel (2010-12-14)
    Daniel D. Busby in this article addresses the issues and intricacies of ministerial compensation. Helpful informative material is presented about such issues as comparative salaries in your locale, multiple-year compensation ...
  • Parrott, Les; Parrott, Leslie (2010-12-03)
    Les and Leslie Parrott continue their seminar and marriage and ministry from Beeson Institute 2002.
  • Flloyd, Wayne Whitson (2010-12-16)
    Today's companies like Blackboard, Moodie, and Jenzabar have made course software intuitive to use and rich in features -- one doesn't have to be a computer expert to give it a try. Instead of having to download and install ...
  • Davidson, Victoria (2010-12-14)
    Funerals may be the final barrier to acceptance of women pastors. . Victoria Davidson refers the newness of her appointments as a new wineskin. Not only is she a new wineskin to the congregation she serves, she is a new ...
  • Vannoy, Karen; Flowers, John (2010-12-16)
    The servant relationship of the New Testament is meant to be lived out day to day in community, not occasionally as a one-night stand. We know how to give things to the poor but we do not know how to be in deep, mutual ...
  • Hackney, Lois (2010-12-16)
    Is sexual abuse a new problem to religious organizations? No, it is not new, but for many years people refused to believe that a person with a calling from God would engage in this kind of behavior and often these reports ...
  • Buckwater, H. Douglas (2010-12-13)
    Buckwalter presents several questions in dealing with Christology including a working definition. In seeking to clarify the issues he raises in the introductory questions, Buckwalter suggests several areas for investigation ...
  • Garlow, James (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Garlow speaks on training layiety for service in the church. Eph 4:11-12. Beeson institute February 2001.
  • Luce, Stuart (2010-12-15)
    This article describes how Pastor Stuart W. Luce preached at his own installation service and used the service as an excellent opportunity for evangelism ten list.

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