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  • Fisher, Terry (2010-12-16)
    Recently I visited a new church plant located in a very wealthy part of town. The goal of the church is to reach the wealthy. As I read their printed materials to understand more about their purpose, I was reminded of an ...
  • Parrott, Les; Parrott, Leslie (2010-12-03)
    Seminar from Beeson Institute May 2002 that covers balancing lives in ministry and marriage issues in ministry.
  • Arn, Charles (2010-11-22)
    Helping visitors move from being observers to regular attendees takes a well developed plan of action.
  • Keely, Barbara Anne (2010-12-15)
    Many of us teach the way we have been taught. We may call to mind a teacher whom we liked, and emulate that person when we are called upon in a specific teaching role. However, our learning experiences and our teacher ...
  • Julita, Craig (2010-12-16)
    What is loyalty? How do you get it? Is it earned, demanded, coerced,or built over time? I thought I knew a decade ago. But since then, I've been driven to the Scriptures to find out what loyalty is really all about.
  • Green, Joel (2010-11-18)
    Mission minded people. A study in the book of Acts.
  • Wilson, Paul Scott (2010-12-13)
    Chapter One - Movies, Pages, and God. . Wilson seeks to move his readers to revisit the concept of style (lest it become boring rigidity) looking at the concepts of today's world for composing today's sermons for today's ...
  • Mathison, John (2010-11-22)
    Mobilization of lay ministry. From Beeson Institute February 2001.
  • Clinton, Robert (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Clinton states that society is moving away from the written word creating a challenge to Bible study.
  • Rector, Kristi (2010-12-13)
    Meeting people at the intersection of the Scripture and the daily circumstances of life is what differentiates an effective preaching ministry from wasting people's time.
  • Towns, Elmer (2010-12-13)
    The faith of the leader is crutial in the progressive development of a church. Beeson Institute February 2000.
  • Bryant, Stephen D. (2010-12-13)
    The environment that best supports prayer is not the beauty of the outdoors or the quiet of a spiritual life center, but rather the relational environment of spiritual companionship that can be found close to home and ...
  • Hefferan, Judith (2010-12-16)
    While most of the poor live in urban areas, the percentage of people living in poverty is higher in rural areas. Poverty in urban areas is often geographically concentrated and, therefore, more visible. In many rural areas, ...
  • Weaver, Andrew J.; Stapleton, Carolyn L. (2010-12-13)
    This article selection deals with the socio-economic effects of gambling, and the addiction waiting to infect some participants. While minors can not legally participate in gambling activities in any state, the statistics ...
  • Kinghorn, Kenneth (2010-12-16)
    Dr. Kenneth Kinghorn wrote this 12 part course based on his book "History of American Methodism." Although Asbury Online Institute is no longer functioning and obtaining CEU for this is no longer a possibility, those who ...
  • Radar, Paul (2010-12-03)
    Seminar from Ministry Conference 2001 focusing on the relationship of sanctifying grace with works of the Holy Spirit.
  • Hunt, Richard A. (2010-12-15)
    Although marriage successes are often overlooked and marriage failures are highlighted, this article presents six keys to expanding and implementing the vision of marriage and family for the pastor and congregation
  • Shepperd, Sandy (2010-12-13)
    When was the last time you called the congregation together for a time of prayer and fasting? Or we may take another turn and talk about the reasons for fasting. This article selection makes a very clear statement of the ...
  • Kalas, Ellsworth (2010-12-13)
    Chapter from Grand Sweeep. Especially this, that our biggest challenge is on the inside, not the outside. We can't hope to minister effectively and transformingly to the world around us unless we are strong within. The ...
  • Galloway, Dale (2010-11-18)
    Handling issues within the church and the home from a pastoral view. Learning to balance your life. From Beeson Institute 2002.

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