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  • Ellor, James (2010-12-13)
    When a person is diagnosed with Alzheimers, the entire family is affected.The author calls us to a better understanding of this condition and how to support the person and the family.
  • Willimon, William (2010-12-13)
    Willimon speaks directly to Methodist clergy but readily agrees that ordained leaders of other churches share "certain expectations inherent in any faithful performance of ministry."
  • Schroder, Susan Gregg (2010-12-14)
    All professional people face the challenge of determining the amount of time they devote to job-related and non-job-related activities. Many ministry professionals may find it difficult knowing where to place priorities ...
  • Regier, Donald (2010-12-13)
    The biblical doctrine of adoption has come alive for me. I no longer view it as dogma in a dusty book. I now see it as a joyous article of faith and life. I have begun to understand this great truth from God's perspective, ...
  • Tuck, Brian (2010-12-13)
    The lecture presented by Salvation Army Colonel Brian Tuck discusses apartheid and what the Christian's response should be.
  • Zahnizer, Matt (2010-12-15)
    Changes in ethnicity are continually observed in our neighborhoods. With the political unrest in the world today, relocation in America presents hope for many people. New immigrants may bring a new language, a new religion, ...
  • Zahniser, Matt (2010-11-22)
    Christians learn how to share the gospel with people living down the street who might be identified as cultural adherents of alternative faiths.
  • Russell, Bob (2010-12-03)
    Bob Russell shares the story of Southeast Christian Church, Louisvlle, KY. Beeson Institute 1999.
  • Moore, Joy (2010-12-14)
    What is our focus when we consider women as pastors? Are our expectations seen through our culture, tradition, or through the truths of Scripture? Rev. Moore encourages us to see beyond the external and fix our vision on ...
  • Morganthaler, Sally (2010-11-22)
    Sally Morganthaler presents this seminar on Creating Sacred Space and worship evangelism in our present culture. Part of Beeson Institute February 2002.
  • Seamands, Stephen (2010-12-13)
    This article presents a view of the concept of Divine justice and human suffering. Each of the three authors deals with responses of anger and the "Why" question. Seamands focuses the reader on the Cross as the instrument ...
  • Nelson, Kerry (2010-12-13)
    Martin Luther called the church "God's mouth house." In other words, the church exists to spread the Word, preach the gospel, and communicate the promises of God. If Luther were alive today, he would type those words into ...
  • Dawson, Dilla (2010-12-16)
    individuals require options for training without compromising the value or content of that training. Global University's Berean School of the Bible has the task of meeting these training needs, and has been rising to the ...
  • Bostrom, Kathleen (2010-12-14)
    As the co-pastor in a church ministry, the author shared the difficulties of ministry unique to this arrangement and suggests ways ministry couples may avoid difficult issues while focusing on their ministry to the congregation.
  • DeVries, Helen M.; Yarhouse, Mark A. (2010-12-15)
    This study examines the role of emotional and spiritual resources in caregiver well-being and the perceived helpfulness of specific coping strategies noting that not all coping strategies were equally useful for handling ...
  • Seamands, steve (2010-12-03)
    Steve Seamands' seminar uses the baptism of Christ as a model for empowering laity. Beeson Institute March 2004.
  • Neville, Robert Cummings (2010-11-22)
    Responsible evangelism in America needs to treat our secular society as a mission field, bringing Christianity to a strange, non-Christian culture.
  • Fisher, Terry (2010-12-16)
    Recently I visited a new church plant located in a very wealthy part of town. The goal of the church is to reach the wealthy. As I read their printed materials to understand more about their purpose, I was reminded of an ...
  • Parrott, Les; Parrott, Leslie (2010-12-03)
    Seminar from Beeson Institute May 2002 that covers balancing lives in ministry and marriage issues in ministry.

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