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  • Galloway, Dale (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Galloway speaks in Beeson Institute, February 2000, about vision in leadership and within churches. Building up the church through inspired leadership.
  • Dunnam, Maxie (2010-11-18)
    Beeson Institute audio from February 2000, Dr. Dunnam. Equipping people for leadership in the church.
  • Breaux, Michael (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Breaux looks at growing healthy churches and positive ways to introduce change in older churches.
  • Galloway, Dale (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Galloway speaks on leadership with vitality at Beeson Institute February 2001. Mobilizing lay people for ministry.
  • Clinton, Robert (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Clinton states that society is moving away from the written word creating a challenge to Bible study.
  • Dunnam, Maxie (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Dunnam preaches on Ezekiel 2:1-7 at Minister's Conference, 2000, presenting Ezekiel as a prophet/priest.
  • Galloway, Dale (2010-11-18)
    Handling issues within the church and the home from a pastoral view. Learning to balance your life. From Beeson Institute 2002.
  • Garrott, T. Benjamin Jr. (2010-11-18)
    This audio from Beeson Instituts in 2000, Dr. Garrott discusses the importance of church health over churc growth as it applies to children and youth ministry.
  • Breaux, Michael (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Breaux looks at major change within the church. How to promote health through trying times in this Beeson Institute 2001 seminar.
  • Dunnam, Maxie (2010-11-18)
    Maintaining personal spiritual growth while in ministry. Balancing your life. Beeson Institute May 2002.
  • Garlow, James (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Garlow speaks on training layiety for service in the church. Eph 4:11-12. Beeson institute February 2001.
  • Anderson, Leith (2010-11-18)
    From the Beeson Institute June, 2001. Seminar on developing healthy churches.
  • Green, Joel (2010-11-18)
    Mission minded people. A study in the book of Acts.
  • Gray, Rick (2010-11-18)
    Dr. Gray discusses being passionate about what God calls us to.
  • Daugherty, Billy Joe (2010-11-18)
    Daugherty discusses creating need-based small cell groups.
  • Neville, Robert Cummings (2010-11-22)
    Responsible evangelism in America needs to treat our secular society as a mission field, bringing Christianity to a strange, non-Christian culture.
  • Arn, Charles (2010-11-22)
    Helping visitors move from being observers to regular attendees takes a well developed plan of action.
  • Pearson, John; Kenneson, Philip (2010-11-22)
    How far should you go to market your church? Should you market it at all? Two experts with opposing views encourage you to consider your options.
  • Rediger, G. Lloyd (2010-11-22)
    Church administration sounds like an unfeeling and methodical term, derived from bureaucratic religion. Ministry, on the other hand sounds caring and flexible. If we assume that both administration and ministry are important ...
  • Morganthaler, Sally (2010-11-22)
    Sally Morganthaler presents this seminar on Creating Sacred Space and worship evangelism in our present culture. Part of Beeson Institute February 2002.

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