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  • Unknown author (2011-03-31)
    Paul Rees in the Orient, 1960s.
  • Unknown author (2011-03-31)
    #A17: January 1, 1970. "The flock of my church." #A18: October 19, 1969. Our flock invited again our intimate American lay Christian friends Mr. and Mrs. LeCran when they visited the country again for a short stay. ...
  • Unknown author (2009-03-19)
    Trustees and Teachers at God’s Bible School (1930-1931) including the following: Front Row: (1) ?; (2) Joseph H. Smith, evangelist; (3) ___ Knapp, son of Martin Wells Knapp, founder; (4) Mrs. Knapp, sister of #5; (5) ...
  • Unknown author
    Photographs of Paul Rees, Trustee of Asbury Theological Seminary. A04: Baccalaurate, May 22, 1962, Hughes Auditorium. A05: Rees speaking, 1974. A01-A03 and A06-A09 are undated.
  • Howard, Rev. R. H. (2011-08-02)
    Scripture nowhere authorizes us to wait to fully comprehend the truth before heartily embracing it; but rather at once to make room for it in our hearts...
  • Bauer, David (2011-10-07)
  • Nave, Ashley (2010-02-03)
    Two pictures of tulips.
  • Witherington, Ben (2009-06-26)
    This is a photo by Ben Witherington of a tunnel leading into a cistern in Gerasah, Jordan.
  • Unknown author (2009-08-06)
    D.r S. H. Turbeville, Oskaloosa, Iowa
  • Unknown author (2009-08-06)
    Charles Turkington
  • Witherington, Ben (2009-08-14)
    This is a photo by Ben Witherington of Turkish fortifications on Acrocornith.
  • Unknown author (2009-08-06)
    J. Paul and Marilyn Turner of the Church of the Nazarene
  • Nader, Joe (2009-08-06)
    This is a photo of a turtle at the Villa Borghese in Rome.
  • Roller, Amy (2009-06-29)
    This is a photo by Amy Roller of two candles lit.
  • Morrison, Henry Clay (2011-08-22)
    PREFACE: "Unexpectedly to me, "The Two Lawyers" has materia1hed into a book. It was furthest from my thoughts that this would be the case when I commenced to write the chapters for the Pentecostal Herald. The reader will ...
  • Unknown author (2010-01-07)
    Two unidentified men standing on sidewalk next to a car (older model). This is in a file with photographs of E. Stanley Jones, but neither men appear to be Jone. Not dated.
  • Unknown author (2011-05-19)
    Two best portraits of John Wesley – Williams portrait in his 30s and Romney portrait in his 80s.
  • Unknown author (2010-05-20)
    Two unidentified men. Not dated.
  • Witherington, Ben (2009-02-19)
    This is a photo of a two-story house in Pompeii taken by Ben Witherington.
  • Witherington, Ben (2009-03-20)
    This is a photo by Ben Witherington that shows typical Samarian construction.

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